How to connect Google Classroom and Seneca Learning

This article describes how to invite students to Seneca via Google Classroom and set assignments

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Google Classroom: free homework management & student communication
Seneca Learning: free interactive courses & questions to set as homework
Seneca integrates with Google Classroom to make it easier for you to share homework on Seneca with your students. However, you probably first want to invite your students to Seneca. Therefore, we've created this handy tutorial to walk you through all the steps needed to use Seneca & Google Classroom.

Part 1 - Invite students from Google Classroom

  1. Create your free Seneca teacher account to get started:

  2. Log in to your account and create your Seneca class. I recommend giving it a descriptive name like "Grade 10 - Biology".

  3. Find your unique class code (e.g. 0k1q52ykjt) in the top-right corner within your class. Alternatively, you can share the invite-link or use the Google Classroom option after hitting the "Add Students" button.

  4. Copy, paste and edit the below message and either place it on Google Classroom or email it to your students:

"Dear class X,
To give you a more interactive way of online learning we will start using the learning platform name Seneca Learning.
All you have to do for now is to create your Seneca account and keep an eye on the assignments. Here is how to do this:

  1. Fill in the following class code to join my Seneca class: 'replace with code'

  2. Have a look around on Seneca. It will cover multiple of your subjects, so it might be interesting to explore further. In any case, keep an eye on my assignments here:

Thank you,

Part 2 - Set assignments on Seneca
Within your Seneca account you can set homework on any section. The easiest way to inform your students about this is to place a message on Google Classroom with a link to the assignment.

All upcoming assignments for a student will be accessible for the student here:

I recommend sharing that link in each homework announcement on Google Classroom. Generally, students will know where to go on Seneca once they've studied once or twice.

Part 3 - See student progress
Once students have completed their first sections on Seneca, you will be able to see per section how well each individual student performed.
This will be super valuable in setting the next assignment for the class or setting the same assignment again for some students. It will also be helpful in adjusting your lesson plan in case you notice the entire class over or underperforming on a certain topic.

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