What's the maximum number of students in a class?

Information on maximum limits for the number of students you can add to a class

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Having extremely large class sizes is not something we anticipated teachers needing when we set up Seneca. When teachers set up classes with hundreds of students, it has been causing our system to break for both students and teachers.

We have had to limit the number of students you can add to a class to avoid our app breaking and to make sure you can set assignments and see the data you need.

You can add a maximum of 200 students to a class.

If your student is seeing an error saying 100 students is the maximum, please ask them to refresh and click 'Update' on the pop-up that appears to update to the latest version of our app. This will set the limit to 200 students.

We will not remove any students from classes that already have more than 200 students. But you will not be able to add students if your classes have over 200 students in them.

If you want to add more than 200 students to a class, you simply need to create another class for those additional students.

I hope that explains why we have taken the decision to limit class sizes.

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