Parent Activity Summaries are one of the benefits of our Guarantee subscriptions. This email will give the parent/carer a weekly email containing the usage statistics of your child from the past week.

We send out Parent Activity Summaries every Monday morning.

If you are not receiving your Parent Activity Summary, this is normally due to one of three reasons:

  1. We will only send a Parent Activity Summary if your child has studied on Seneca that week. If there is no activity, we will not send an email. Please check your child is completing work on your Premium account. 

  2. We will only send the Parent Activity Summary to the cardholder's email entered when you set up your subscription. This will be the same email address that will have received the payment receipt. If you need to change the cardholder's email, get in touch using the chat in the corner of your screen.

  3. You do not have a Guarantee subscription with Seneca. You can check you level of subscription on the payment invoice. If you already have a different subscription and would like to upgrade to a Guarantee package, click here

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