We have just launched a major improvement in how we show progress to students just in time for Xmas. Over the last few months this has been one of the most requested features from teachers.

The problem we tried to solve

We used to show a combination of long and short term progress to students when they completed a learning session. This caused confusion to teachers as the scores students saw were different to those on the teacher platform.

Our solution
Students now see two different metrics when they complete a section. The section "Score" and the section "Memory strength".

The "Score" is how well they just did on the section, this is exactly the same as the score that you see on the teacher platform. To get a score of 100% students need to answer all the questions correctly.

"Memory strength" is a long term measure of how well students know a section. To boost it, they need to repeat the section at just the right times based on the principles of spaced repetition. Repeating the section will help them store it in their long term memory so they won't forget it during their exams.

To find out the right time to repeat a section, students simply need to hover over the tooltip next to "Memory strength". Or they can use Smart Learning mode which will let them know when it's a great time to repeat a section and boost their memory strength.

We don't want learners to binge on a section and so students can't max out memory strength in one go - instead they must return and study the section at the right times! If a student fills up their memory strength it means they have practised the section a ton and probably don't need to do it again for a while as they aren't likely to forget it :)

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