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What is section score and memory strength?
What is section score and memory strength?

A guide to each section's score and memory strength and how to improve them

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What is my section "score" and "best score"?

When you study a section the "Score" tells you how you just did on the section. To get a score of 100% you need to answer all the questions in a section correctly. This is the score that teachers see when you join their class.

What is section memory strength and how do you boost it?

Memory strength is a feature that allows us to teach better. Each section in a course has a memory strength associated with it.

Memory strength is a long term measure of how well you know a section. To boost it, you need to repeat the section at just the right times based on the principles of spaced repetition. Repeating the section will help you store it in your long term memory so you won't forget it during your exams.

To find out the right time to repeat a section, hover over the tooltip next to "Memory strength". Or you can use Smart Learning mode which will let you know when it's a great time to study a section!

We don't want learners to do one section over and over again, so you can't max out your memory strength in one go. Instead, return and study the section at the right times! Filling up your memory strength means you have practiced the section many times, and you probably don't need to do it again for a while as you aren't likely to forget it!

What do the circles on the side bar show?

The circles in the side bar show you the best scores you have ever got for a section. To improve your best score repeat the section and get all the questions correct. The circle for the course will be completely full when you get a best score of 100% on all the sections.


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