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My Child Does Not Have Access To My Premium Plan
My Child Does Not Have Access To My Premium Plan

This article describes how to provide your child with premium access when you have bought a package on your parent account.

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You can now directly transfer a Seneca premium package from your parent account to your child's account! Hooray 👏

You can do this in a couple of ways.

Immediately after purchase

Once you have bought your Premium package you'll be asked which child you want to transfer it to.

From the parent dashboard

If your parent account has an Premium package associated with it, you'll see a 💳 Transfer button from the child switcher at the top of the page.

If you have more than one child, select the child you wish to transfer to by clicking the drop down then click 'Transfer'.

Confirm the child account and click 'Transfer'.

If it's worked, you will see a success message!

What if this doesn't happen?

Very occasionally, this doesn't work. This can be because you child already has an existing subscription, or if you are using an old app version that doesn't have this functionality.

Don't worry, if this happens, we're able to do a manual transfer if you email us at, or fill in the following form:

Your child can only access premium features once the Premium package is transferred from your parent account to their student account - we'll do that for you.

Please let us know the email address of the account the package is currently registered with, and the email address of the account you would like it transferred to.

This will be actioned usually within a few hours if submitted during working hours.

We will email you confirmation once the transfer has been completed!

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