How to sign up?
Unfortunately, registrations have closed as of April 1st, 2019.


Due to the high number of registrations we had to add a tournament round to bring the total number of schools to 520. This round is running from April 1st to April 8th for 16 schools and can be viewed here: 

The first round with all schools start April 8th and each round will run for seven days. Dependent on the number of schools that signed up we will determine the finals date soon.

Can multiple teachers from one school sign up?
Yes, any teacher can sign up. We will then inform all the teachers who have registered for the tournament. It does not affect your scores whether only 1 or multiple teachers signed up. We will look at all students at your school, no matter whether they are in your class or not.

How do we calculate the scores and determine the winner?
We look at the average study time across all students that signed up to Seneca at your school during the last 7 days. For this we look at all students across all courses and age groups. It is, however, important that the student has selected the right school name in their account settings for us to be able to link the student to your school. This article describes how to set the right school name:

When and how often do I get update on our progress?
We will send you an email once a week. On Mondays we will inform you whether you won or lost the round. We might also on Wednesdays or Thursdays provide an update on the progress of your school that week and an average score of all schools that week.

Does it count everything students do, or only work related to classes / assignments?
We will count everything the students do in any course no matter whether the course is added to your class. It's our aim to promote regular revision among the students across all their subjects.

What is the winning prize?
Although we aim to incentivise more effective revision via this tournament and let everyone get better grades, we provide a prize as well. The winning school gets awarded as the #1 Exam Prep School in the UK and receives £100 to spend on books for the CPD library or students 

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