What are Premium Knowledge Courses?

Premium Knowledge & Hardest Questions courses tailored to boost knowledge and memory

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Seneca Premium offers over 800 additional courses, each tailored to boost students memory and knowledge of a specific subject.

Premium Knowledge & Hardest Questions courses are dedicated courses aimed at students working towards 7-9s at GCSE or A-A* at A Level.

Premium Knowledge

To really get you to that top grade, you want to practice the toughest topics and go into the more detailed questions. The Premium Knowledge courses have now got you covered. We created dedicated courses specific for students aiming at 7-9s on GCSE or A-A*s on A Level. The sections cover both new and exclusive theory as well as questions that are much tougher than the standard courses. Studying these sections will really test and improve your detailed knowledge of the various subjects.

Hardest Questions

We have used our data to identify the topics that students collectively find the hardest and the questions within them that pose the most problems (eg mole calculations in Chemistry, experiment analysis in Biology etc). Our Hardest Questions courses contain numerous variations of the most challenging questions to make sure students are prepared for everything that comes their way in the exam hall!

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