The predicted papers are designed to boost your grades. Our experienced team has designed these exam-style papers on historic patterns & the exact syllabus to give you the perfect head start on your exam prep. It's the ideal way to prepare for the exam & improve your knowledge of the test and the syllabus.

Multiple sets of Predicted Papers

On the "Add Courses" page you can find all the courses for which Predicted Papers are available with many more on their way. Inside each of these courses you will find not one, but multiple sets of papers providing a tremendous amount of new exclusive content. This is really the kind of stuff you want to go through before your exam to truly test your knowledge.

See your scores instantly

The Predicted Papers function as a real exam. There are no content blogs to scroll up and peek at the answers. And all the questions come with a maximum numbers of marks that you can earn as on a real exam. Have a look at a few examples below from various courses:

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