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What is a Seneca Certified Educator Certificate & how do I get one?
What is a Seneca Certified Educator Certificate & how do I get one?

How to get your Seneca Certified Educator certificate via the cognitive science for teachers course and link it to your LinkedIn account

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The Seneca Certified Educator Certificate is a certificate of completion that each teacher obtains after completing the free online cognitive science course for teachers.
The course entails information and testing on memory, cognitive load theory, Rosenshine's principles and effective teaching techniques from cognitive science - in a highly engaging way. To take the course press the button below, and send us a tweet or email with your name to obtain your personalised certificate once completed.

To obtain your certificate, you need to follow the instructions at the end of your CPD course. You can get there by clicking on the link below, choosing your course, and navigating to the last section of the course using the navigation bar on the left of your screen.

Link your certificate to your LinkedIn account
If you have a LinkedIn account you can link your certificate. On your personal profile page you're able to add certifications. Add your Seneca Certified Educator certificate by filling in the details as shown below and paste in your personal URL.

This is how the certificate looks like

We have 22 different CPD courses available for free, for teachers to study, each with their own personalised certificate. You can view the full list and start studying here.

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