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Nothing happens when I try and login
Nothing happens when I try and login

What to do if you are trying to login but nothing happens

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Answering these questions should help us solve this problem

Are you on a school network?
If you are working on a computer that is connected to school wifi this problem may be a result of the school network blocking something Seneca needs to work. 

Especially important, get your IT technician to whitelist:

I have tried unblocking this but I still get an error
If the above doesn't solve the issue please get in touch using the chat to the bottom right of this page. To help us, please let us know the error you are getting using:

I am not on a school network and still get a problem

Please try using a different browser. If it works on a different browser, please let us know the name of the browser and the version number so we can get it fixed.

If you are still having problems with Seneca you can now use our Diagnosis page which will check your account for issues and generate a code to send to us so we can fix the error. Email the code to

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