Whitelist Domains

Some internal school networks block certain network requests to successfully sign up and get added to classes. This might cause students appearing on a class list without a name. To solve this you should whitelist all Seneca domains as described here. Please share that article with your IT Technician.

Add Students

The second reason for when students do not appear on your class list it is caused by the student not having joined your class. 

There are two ways to invite students to your class.

Option 1 - Student Invite Link

To invite students, enter your class and hit the "Invite Students" button. This will open the invite students page displaying an invite link. Share this link with your students to allow them to join your class.

  1. You can copy the link to paste it in an email or homework platform.
  2. You can directly email the link to your students.
  3. You can send the link via Google Classroom to your students.

The only thing your students have to do is to click on the link and they will be prompted with a message to join your class.

Option 2 - Class Code

To invite students via a class code you will have to enter your class. Here you will see a class code in the top right corner - as for example: H17_77ADGS.
Share this code with your students to let them join your class. On the student platform, your students can enter the code by going to the "Classes" page and hit "Join Class".

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