In order to function, the Seneca app uses a number of different services. If students or teachers complain they see an error message when they use the platform at school it is usually the result of the school network blocking one of these services. Generally, any problems can be solved by whitelisting the following domains:

You should also whitelist emails from:

Testing everything works

You can also check that the individual services are working as expected by clicking each of the following links:

If the service is accessible through the school network, you should see a version number like this:

The version number may be different than the one in the image. This is ok, as long as you can see a version number for each of the services they are working as expected.

If you don't see a version number you need to unblock or whitelist the domain on your school network.

*note - the final test link won't show a version number it will instead show this message

Unblocking our gifs
We use gifs (short videos) to demonstrate a lot of our concepts. If you click on this link you should be able to see a science experiment. If you can't you will need to unblock the content delivery network domain serving the gif.

Unblocking our YouTube videos
All our YouTube videos are free to access. We embed them into our courses. To ensure that they won't be blocked on your school network click on this link. If the video does not play on your school network you will need to unblock the YouTube domain.

If you are still having problems
Please send us a message using the help chat (Blue button on bottom right of the screen).

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