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What is a memory palace? How do I win a memory?
What is a memory palace? How do I win a memory?

This article covers the purpose of the memory palace and how you can win memories.

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At the end of some sessions, you will have a chance to store your revised knowledge in a beautiful location around the world. This is part of a widely used memory technique called the Mind Palace. 

How does it work?

By linking information to a place, you create a new memory route that makes it easier for you to remember it during your exam. It is as if you are creating a visual map in your head that will help you find your way to the right answer of an exam question. You can even change the colour of your Memory Palace by clicking one of the 3 coloured circles.

How to win a memory

Winning memories is based on numerous factors that look at your current performance as well as your past performance. Think about variables like learning time, questions answered, % correct and many more.

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