Assignments are not showing up for my students?

This article covers what to do when assignments are not showing up for your students.

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If a student advises they cannot see the assignments you've set them, there are a few things to check.

1) The teacher has not set the assignment for that particular student.

Teachers can see the list of students the assignment has been shared with in the 'Assignments' tab. Teachers can edit who the assignment is for by clicking 'Edit assignment'.

2) It's not after the start date of the assignment

The assignment may not be showing because the 'Start date' set on the assignment hasn't passed yet so the assignment is not active.

Once the 'Start date' has passed, the assignment will be visible in students' 'Upcoming assignments'.

After the 'End date' set on the assignment has passed, the assignment will move to the students' 'Past assignments'. Students can still access past assignments but completing assignments after the end date will show that the assignment was completed late.

Teachers can edit the start and end date set on the assignment by clicking on the assignment and then selecting 'Edit assignment'.

3) The student is logged into the wrong account

Sometimes students have duplicate Seneca accounts without realising. Only work completed on the account linked to your class will show on your teacher account.

Teachers should make sure students log out of their device and make sure they are logged in with the email visible in the 'Manage students' section shown to teachers in their class.

Students should also be able to see the assignment in their 'Classes & assignments' tab if an assignment has been set for the account they're logged in on.

4) The student needs to hit refresh

If a student or teachers haven't refreshed their page in a while, they will be viewing old data.

Teachers and students can solve this by refreshing their page to see the assignment if it has just been added.

If you've checked all of the above and the student still can't see the assignment, reach out to our support team at with the assignment name and the student email so they can take a look for you.

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