It might happen that students approach you saying that they cannot find the assignment or that no assignment has been set, while you actually did set it.

Why does this happen?
This happens in the case when students join your class after setting the assignment. When the assignment is set, it will be send to all students that are in the class at that point in time. But when a student joins the class later, the assignment will not appear for him / her.

What to do to resolve this?
You have to add the students that joined after you set the assignment. Please follow the next steps to do so:

  1. Go to the class overview 
  2. Hit the "Assignments" tab
  3. Click on the assignment that you want to add the missing students to
  4. Hit "Edit Assignment"
  5. Assign the same sections as assigned to the other students
  6. Select the missing students and assign the assignment
  7. Update the assignment

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