How to create a standard assignment

This article covers how to set an assignment on the teacher platform.

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Creating Assignments on Seneca - Standard Assignments

1) Open your class, then click 'Add assignment'.

2) Select standard assignment

3) Assign sections or subsections of your chosen course. You'll see a running total at the bottom of how long we expect the assignment to take students to complete.

4) If there are Exam questions available for your chosen topics, you will be able to add 3 to your standard assignment. Please be aware you will only be able to have 3 active assignments with EQ's attached so you will need to wait for an assignment to expire before you can set another one. You can set unlimited standard assignments without EQ's.

5) Enter your assignment's name, students, start date, and due date

5) Click create, then share the link to the assignment with your students

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