Step 1 - Open assignment
To track progress on the assignment, first, click on the class you want to see assignments for.
Then open the assignment by clicking on it on the "Assignment" tab.

Step 2 - Upcoming or Past Assignments dropdown
You should select the assignments you want to see by selecting 'Upcoming assignments' or 'Past assignments'.

Step 3 - Select Assignment
Click on the assignment you want to view data for.

Step 4 - View data
Students' scores will automatically turn red, amber or green depending on how well they did in the session. 

There is a dropdown to select the metric you want to see. You can choose between:

  • Best score

  • Worst score

  • Most recent score

  • Average score

  • Number of attempts

  • Average time taken

You can sort each column by clicking on the header of each column.

By reviewing a range of these metrics you can build up a picture of individual learning behaviour and more clearly see where specific intervention may be required and inform future planning.

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