How do I see my students' progress on Seneca?

This article covers how to keep track of the progress of the students in your class using our 'Insights' feature.

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Once you have linked your students to your class, you can monitor their progress using the Students, Assignments, Grades or Knowledge gaps tabs.

The data will be updated instantly but you will need to refresh your page to see this data on your screen.

We have designed Seneca to show you the exact data you need. This may mean that different data is visible in different parts of your teacher account based on the filters you select or the start and end date of your assignments.

Students Tab

The 'Students' tab will show you when each of your students were last active on Seneca. You can also reset passwords here if you are an MIS synced school.

Assignments Tab

Data under the 'Assignments' tab shows you data for the sections you set your students. It will only show you data for the work completed after the start date of the assignment and for the students you set the assignment to.

Grades Tab

The Grades area is designed to give teachers an overview of how well your students are doing across multiple assignments, so that you can work out which students are on track, who needs help, and who hasn't done what they said they would!

Teachers can filter by course, topic, and within a date range. This can be exported as an Excel document, and sent to parents if you're using our School Sync.

Knowledge Gaps Tab

Knowledge Gaps allow teachers to set targeted assignments for individual students, by showing which specific topics students are struggling with.

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