There are 3 ways to see student content on Seneca.

Option 1 - click Student platform at the top of your screen

When logged into the teacher platform, you can click Student platform in the header menu. This will straight away open the student platform and gives you access to everything the students see.

Option 2: Preview content when setting an assignment

You can now access static previews of what your students will see for AQA, Edexcel & OCR courses at GCSE & A Level.

Option 3: Go to Courses in a class and click Preview course

Click on your class and select 'Courses'. There you will see all the courses you have added to your class. You can click on 'Preview course' to preview the content in that course.

If you want to go back to the teacher platform, then click "Teacher Platform" on the header menu.

NOTE: If at any time, you get stuck on the student platform, just click "Back to teacher platform" at the top of your screen.

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